about us

KUU is a design practice run by Kok-Meng Tan (Singapore) and Satoko Saeki (Japan). It grounds all scales of design from interiors and installations to architecture and planning with the same mix of abstract disciplinary thinking and concrete situational possibilities. It strives to make novel works that are direct and simple. KUU have been awarded the Shinkenchiku (Yoshioka) Award in 2011 and Singapore’s President Design Award 2013. It has offices in Shanghai and Tokyo.

上海と東京を拠点にアジアを活動ベースにする建築設計事務所。佐伯聡子、Kok-Meng Tan(シンガポール)によるパートナーシップ。2011年新建築賞(吉岡賞)受賞。2013年president’s desgin award(シンガポール)受賞。

SHANGHAI OFFICE: 32 fuxing west road, #2, shanghai 200031, shanghai china tel/fax: +86 (0)21 6433 7792
上海库优建筑设计有限公司: 200031 上海市徐汇区复兴西路32号2室, 021 6433 7792 (电话+传真)

TOKYO OFFICE: 1-27-8, #601, nezu, bunkyo-ku, tokyo 113-0031, tokyo, japan tel/fax: +81 (0)3 5832 9260
KUU建築設計: 113-0031 東京都文京区根津1-27-8-601, 03 5832 9260(tel/fax)

email: office@kuuworld.com